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Wednesday 31 December 2014

Poland Where the unbelievable happens

    1st January 2015

Let's start the next year of blogging..

Goodbye 2014 - it was a good year

31st December 2014

Today is the last of the year. The weather is very nice and sunny but extremely cold -17 C deegres at 8a.m.

Personally for me it wasn't bad year for m,e and my family. We have visited three European countries once again. And the most important city for me London.
My daughter is doing well at her school.  She is in the last degree in High Junior School. Next year will be important for her. She is taking her GSCE exams in April and the she is going to start in September 2015 Secondary School with science ( chemistry, biology and foreign languages) .The secondary school lasts 3 years. And the most important she is dreaming about studying medicine so it is going to be a great challenge. I hope her dreams become true.

The birds sitiing in the tree and trying to survive severe weather.

But duck is doing well despite the severe winter

Frosty morning 31st December

The local pond

Near my house
My daughter and me..

Greetings from Poland

Have a nice New Year's Eve

I am having party with my friends...

Tuesday 30 December 2014

Happy New Year 2015 - ABBA

Gliwice - Good City

30th December 2014

It is the best city in Upper Silesia where  I live. It is located 15 km from my hometown.
Enjoy the view.

The oldest photography in my family

30th December 2014

On 20th December my aunt passed away so after her funeral service I was segregating her old documents. And I was so surprised when I found the black and white photography. It turned out it is a photo of my grandfather George - American born in 1900. The photo presents siblings of my grandad. His elder brother and sister. As I know his sister passed away in the USA as a little girl but I don't know her name and where is her grave but I am sure in Pennsylvania where she was born and grew up. His elder brother died in Poland.

My grandfather is on the left. In the middle there is his brother. 

The photo was taken in 1902 in Coatesville in Pennsylvania. As I have found it is a small city.
So it is the next step to my sentimental  journey to the homeland of my grandfather and one more place to visit.

Sunday 28 December 2014

The lemon tree.

29th December 2014

During festive season I visited my cousin who I have never seen for 15 years. He is older than me 18 years old so we don't have a lot in common. We live in different part of country and I can say we are now come from different social backgrounds. But I can say he is a funny man over 60 who loves drinking beer but he has a great personality.

When I visited his home I notice an unusual tree which was decorated. It turns out it is a lemon tree which my uncle was planted 25 years ago but unluckily it didn't have any fruits. What a pity ? Maybe in the future..
My cousin's Christmas tree. I love it.

The lemon tree

Saturday 27 December 2014

Dear Winter - what a surprise!!!

28th December 2014

On 27th December winter has arrived it is unusual here because we didn't have snow since 2011. Personally I hate it but some people are very excited and happy. Luckily the winter is mild we have only 1cm snow and light frost -5C. So I can say winter is friendly and comfortable..

6.a.m I was walking to buy some bread


The snow view from my kitchen

And hooligans - crows

And the town cente at 1p.m

Local park with my dog at 2 p.m

In the backgroung High School

And small pong which is frozen

And another High School

And hens which I have met during my walk

Tour of Torun and Gniezno, Poland

27th December 2014
Torun is a city which I love. Why ? Because I studied here and had a great time.  I graduated from University of Nicolaus Copernicus. As I watching this short video I am very happy because I know each street of this great city. Torun is on the World Heritage List. And Gniezno which is located 100 km from Torun is the oldest capital city of Poland. It is the end of the year so it is time of reflection why time flies so quickly.

And now I know One day I am a student the second I will be senior citizen. And unhappily it is not a joke..

Walking in the countryside

27th December 2014

I love walking long distances. Now I usually walk one hour daily so it means I walk about 5 kilometres. When I was younger I don't like it. Now because I live in the big conurbation so I don't have a close contact with nature. Living in the big city means you can walk only in the park but you can't observe wild animals.
Yesterday I was walking outside my town. Walking long distances alone it is a time of reflection about the past and planning future.

All photos were taken on
26th December 2014

It is typical landscape here outside the town in the Subcarpathian Region

Friday 26 December 2014

Fences are very popular here.

26th December 2014

At my place fences are popular from generation to generation. Why? Firstly my country is not very big so everyone wants to be protected by fence, The owners of detached houses always want to have the fence. So if you want to install a fence you must get permission of the city council.
In the past fences were mostly made of wood. Nowadays fences are made of metal. Why ? Because wood in Europe is very expensive. And what is more metal fences are better and can last longer time than wood ones. At my vacation house almost everybody has a fence and I think it is comfortable situation if you have a dog and I can say I feel safer. At my country ordinary citizens can not have any guns so I think we have fences...

The view from my kitchen window. The photo was taken 24th December

The old fence

Double fence

 The photos were taken on Christmas Day
The street leading to the centre

The local Roman Catholic Church also surrounded by fence

Since we are democratic country private property is the most important for people