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Tuesday 31 October 2017

My dream comes true

On my bucket list was Rome especially Vatican city since I was a teenager. I have bought a flight ticket and I am flying in February 2018 there.  Mainly I would like to see Museum of  Vatican and St. Peter's Basiilica. I visited Cathedral in Cantenbury, St. Paul Cathedral in London and a lot of mosques but I have never been to Rome. It is high time to fly there. I am going with my friend.

Vatican City State,  is a sovereign state and the smallest country in the world by size, at 0.44 km. Its territory is completely surrounded by Italy and is is only one of three countries in the world that are enclaves of another country (the others being San Marino, also in Italy, and Lesotho in southern Africa). Also, it is the only country in the world that is an enclave of a city, as all of the land around it is part of Rome, the capital of Italy.
The Vatican City is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church and its government, the Holy See. Its head of state is the Pope, the Bishop of Rome and the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. The current Pope, Pope Francis, former cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was elected on 13 March 2013.
Established on 11 February 1929 with the Lateran Agreement (Patti Lateranensi) signed by Benito Mussolini and Pope Pius XI, the Vatican City is also important for its culture and art. The Vatican's masterpieces are very well known in the world: St. Peter's SquareSt. Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums and the Apostolic Palace, where the Pope lives. There are also hundreds of other sculptures and pictures.

Sunday 29 October 2017

Death is a part of life

30 th October 2017

On Tuesday is Halloween so celebrate because our life is too short.
My masterpiece.

Saturday 28 October 2017

Chopin - Waltz No.7 In C Sharp Minor Op. 64 No. 2

Lat weeks I was very busy my proivate life was divided betweem hospital and my workpplace. Lucily the situation is normal now.
Here is rainy Sunday but I am in a good mood.


Monday 23 October 2017

Last flowers in the autumn


Mushroom soup

I love picking mushrooms so we did it in the countryside last week. We picked 5 full baskets so we are going to cook mushroom soup during winter. 


Sunday 22 October 2017

Beautiful autumn in the ciountryside

I took these photos last week in the countryside.

Have a great week. I will be fully back in blogging space soon.

Thursday 19 October 2017

Autumn decorations

Last weeks my free time is very limited because my dad is ill. I hoper he will be better soon.

Monday 16 October 2017

On the farm

Last weekend I was on the farm in the mountains.

Especially I love cows there.

Saturday 14 October 2017

Walking in the coutryside

I am very interested in the countryside because I live in a big city. Today were walking in the coutryside for five hours and later we were tired but so happy. Escaping from a big city for a while is blessing.

My hubby told me that I am crazy about walking. Maybe he is right but he is a PE teacher so he is in a good shape..

Tomorrow early morning short trip to mountains. 

More photos tomorrow.


 Saturday on the mountains

Tuesday 10 October 2017


11th October.  It is high.time to buy a pumpkin . Halloween is so soon