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Tuesday 29 November 2016

Santa Claus is coming.

29th November 2016

I have seen it on the balcony so he is definitely coming..

Have you bought some presents? 
I am going to do Christmas shopping next week?

Monday 28 November 2016

Winter is coming isn't it???

28th November 2016

And we have winter an there is some snow.. Today was - 2C so not too cold.

Have a peaceful Tuesday !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday 27 November 2016

Saint Andrew's Day

27th November 2016

Andrew's Day which Personally I celebrate it and I love it 
( information from wiki)

Christmas tree on Market square in Katowice last Friday awating for children who are going to decorate it.

Market Square Katowice

In Poland, like in many other countries , we celebrate St. Andrew’s Day although it has a different meaning for us, as it took on a part of ancient Polish traditions and customs. The origin of Adrzejki, which is what we call it, is pagan but we applied a Catholic name to be more acceptable for Catholic society. For foreigners this day is a great occasion to experience ancient Polish customs and to fill up with food and drink. But before the fun starts it is always a good idea to know what to expect.


Like in any other Polish celebration there is a feast and it works exactly the same as any other feast in Poland: there is loads of food and drinks (and more). Because this is the last day before lent (Christmas lent, not the Easter one!) people eat and drink as much as they can. As well this is the last day to have a party. At the weekend which is the closest to 29th of November, nearly every club organizes a party. Andrzejkowe party is different from the ones you have got used to. You will not only dance or drink, but also you will have your future foretold (yes you didn’t read wrong).
In the past, the celebration was treated very seriously. It was one of those days when people could see the future (they didn’t have horoscopes in magazines as we do, so they had to find a different way to predict it). On the 29th November, in the middle of the night, the saint’s duty was to help young girls find out who their husbands would be. It was quite useful – girls didn’t waste their time with Maciek, when they knew that their prince charming’s name was Marek. Boys used to have their own predict-my-future-wife day, on the 24th of November (it was St. Katherine who helped them), however, men were more aware of what kind of girl they liked, so this tradition didn’t survive and now we have only Andrzejki used for both genders.

A quick guide to Polish Andrzejki future predicting customs

A good foretelling of the future must happen in a group of friends. But be careful! If you are a girl you have to meet with just your girl friends, and men – with male friends. Why? If your girlfriend finds out that she won’t be your future wife it may cause a slight problem.
Predictions of the future using wax – the most well-known divination technique based on pouring wax. You have to melt wax and then pour into cold water. It is not so easy, because the wax must go through the hole in a key. At the end you take the wax figure (or something you just created) and look at the shadow of it, as it is a prophecy for the next year.

Shoes race – everyone in a group take off their shoes. Your next task is to go to the furthest wall from the doors and by putting one shoe at a time in front of each other in the direction of the door. The first shoe which crosses the doorstep belongs to the person who will soon change their marital status.
Picking (literally) the name of your future husband or wife – take a sheet of paper and write as many names of opposite sex as you can (the paper very often is shaped like a heart). Then turn it back to your friends and let put a pin into the back of the paper. The name which is the closest to the pin is your future husband or wife’s name (in some Polish regions you put the pin in the paper yourself).
We hope you will enjoy Andrzejki and this day will bring you loads of fun and maybe, who knows, some insight into the future.

Saturday 26 November 2016

My friends' cat

27th November 2016

This is Nala my friends' cat which loves me so much whenever I visit them. Nala lives on the 10th floor and never leave her flat.

HELLO from wardrobe

She loves sleeping in the wardrobe..

She loves English books..

On the radiator..

Enjoy Sunday!!!

Friday 25 November 2016

Christmas decorations

26th November 2016

I love Christmas decorations but at home I have two or three because I think it looks elegant and a lot of them in one flat is too messy.

This one I bought last week and I decorated  my hall in my flat. Luckily we do not have any snow..

This one I have on  my front door.

Do you have a lot of Christmas decorations in your home?

Have a great Saturday!!!!

Thursday 24 November 2016

Fences - let's do great project together

25th November 2016

Hello I have decided I will run post  Good Fences which was ran by Theresa from Texas.-TexWisGirl at The Run*A*Round Ranch Report - So it means it is my turn -. Thank you in advance all who would like to join to my European Fences and I hope so that people around the world will post some fences on Thursdays I am waiting for your fences. I am starting next Thursday so it means 1st December. And what about me I am the first generation Polish with American, French, Austrian and Hungarian roots and I am ESL teacher whose life is divided between two houses, my husband , daughter and dog Tramp. My name is Margaret..  and so on.. 

Italian fence in Sicily

Polish fences...

Happy Thanksgiving for my American and Canadian friends. I am waiting for your fences next Thursday.

Wednesday 23 November 2016

Pastime which I love.

24th November 2016

It is one of my hobbies collecting the old lamps.

 My kerosene lamps some of them are from 19h century.

Have a Happy Thursday in all continents.. 

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Show Bytom

22nd November 2016

There is an interesting exhibition in our shopping centre which show the old Bytom - city which started over 650 years ago. Of course because Christmas is coming so the Christmas tree is a must.

Market Square

The oldest tram number 38 still is working in my city

Have a great Tuesday!!!!!

Sunday 20 November 2016

Have a great Monday

22nd November 2016 
Enoy the last autumn flowers.

Have a great Monday

I love going to theatre..

20th November 2016

Today I have uploaded some photos from Katowice our Province Capital city. Enjoy.

Silesian Theatre  dedicated to Stanisław Wyspiański is the largest theatre in Silesia. It is located on the market square in Katowice.
It was built as "German Theatre" in the years 1905-1907, from plans by German theatre architect Carl Moritz. Its Golden Age was in the late-1940s and the 1950s.

Yesterday I saw a play here.

One of the main street...

From the beginning of 20th century has been lately renovated.

Have a great Sunday.