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Sunday 31 January 2016

Welcome February

1st February 2016

Today we start the second month of the year . This year February has 29 nine days.

Last year February was divided the first part was in the wintry landscape and the second part was spring. What about this year. Let's wait but according to weather forecast - the first half the weather is going to be like in early spring but the second one - who knows maybe winter. This winter is very mild but it was  10 frosty days. I love this winter..

Last February - winter holidays from 1st - 14th February

February 15th - 28th 2015

Have a great week!!
See you tomorrow..

The most horrible place I have ever been..

31st January 2016

I think I don't know what is hunger and poverty because I was born in the rich country but in the past people suffered from poverty, hunger and death. 
Why ? Because here in Poland -60 km from my place is Oswiecim - Auschwitz where million of people lost their Innocent lives. Personally I was three times in Auschwitz. I am sure I don't want to come back again..

My family didn't suffer from Nazis during WWII. Why? The answer is simple we were emigrants who live here and in other countries.. 

On 27th January was 71st anniversary when the death 
camp was liberated...

I  heard from my grandmother a horrible story about Auschwitz. My grandmother during WWII lived in the south -east of Poland in Jaslo. In Jaslo lived a lot of Jews at that time. My grandmother's neighbour lost her 4 year old daughter - during WWII. Her daughter was playing in the playground with other girls and were caught and taken by Nazis to Auschwitz.
When the war was ended the neighbour asked my grandma to go with her to Auschwitz, My grandma agreed and in August 1945 they visited Auschwitz. And what it happened. My grandma's neighbour found a little doll which belonged to her daughter. So it was evident that she lost her life here. The neighbour was sure about her daughter because she made herself a dress for the doll.

She was crying a lot and after coming back hom . They decided to leave Poland and emigrate to Israel. And they didn't meet again.. My grandma died in 1979...

The last stop for millions..

The photos I taken in 2014..

Have a peaceful Sunday..

Saturday 30 January 2016

Good night beacuse I am tired... sorry..

31st January 2016

Lately I had had  a renovation in my kitchen so I was very busy. There were two workers in my flat. And they have worked since 9 a.m. to 4. p.m.My family were very tired and we had to order dinners or eating out. But luckily we finished so today we have tidied up it. 

My dog was bored and tired by workers so he decided to have a short nap in the middle of the mess.

In my opinion my kitchen  looks definitely better than it was in the past. The previous owner the old widow had a different style in the kitchen. I think I will take some photos tomorrow so you can see. Now I go to bed..

Friday 29 January 2016

My favourite cactus and picture

30th January 2016

There is a tall and old cactus in my living room. The cactus is 20 years old. 
 I like it very much, because I can water it rarely..

On the wall there is a big picture which presents New York. 
I bought it in IKEA.

Have a nice Saturday!

Thursday 28 January 2016

Lovely horses in Cracow.

29th January 2016

Cracow a city located in the south of Poland in my opinion one of the best known cities in Europe. Millions tourists from home and abroad visit it. Each season it is worth visiting Cracow. But my favourite season is spring and autumn because there are much more tourists in the summer. One of the tourists attraction here are carriages with horses. It is fantastic idea to have a small ride but definitely not cheap one..

Photos taken in 2014 summer

Photos are taken in autumn 2015

Lovely hut near Cracow with a simple fence..

Wednesday 27 January 2016

I love fruit

28th January 2015
I love fruit but  my favourite are tangerines So I can eat as many as possible. 
Sometimes a kilo daily

This photo I took in Grenada Spain in2014

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Road to the weekend and early spring..

27th January 2016

Lately I have been really busy so I am waiting impatiently for this weekend.

Have a nice weekend

Spring on the corner...isn't it?

 27th January 2016

Today it is 27th day of the new year. And only few days and we start the second month of the year. Time flies so quickly as our lives... It is only 52 days to spring but it seems temporary the winter has finished. Temperature is 6C degrees rainy and sunny. 

Bytom, in sunny day in January

Now day is longer one hour than the shortest one.. Lovely..

Monday 25 January 2016

London - noisy but nice city

26th January 2015

I am going to London in June so I was thinking about this trip all afternoon, And I am waiting for it as usual..

Collage of London

Btritish Museum

Natural History Museum

Vie from the top of London Eye. 140 metres above the ground