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Tuesday 19 April 2022

Cracow is one of my favourite cities.

 I have visited a lot of places at home as well  abroad  but I love Cracow. In the past Cracow was the capital of Poland. 

The city is interesting, architecture amazing. I have been to Cracow many times but each visit is exciting. 

On 13 th April I was in Cracow with my students. The weather was perfect and atmosphere unforgettable.

The Wawel Castle

Main Square in Cracow

Saint;s Mary Basilica

Monument of Adam Mickiewicz - the great Polish writer

Main Square.

Have a great Wednesday.

Monday 18 April 2022

Green and yellow colours of the spring

I have spent Easter in  the south -east of the country where my summer house is located. Weather was varied - rainy, sunny and cold. Despite it we had a great Easter.  I love spring it is my favourite season . Especcially I love yellow forsythia which is very common here.    

There are small daisies in my yards

Wild violtes are my favourite spring flowers. 

And beautiful daffodills under my trees.

I hope you had a great Easter , too.


Sunday 17 April 2022

Easter breakfast

 Today at 10 AM we had an easter breakfast. IT was yummy. Happy Easter worldwide dear friends.

Saturday 16 April 2022

Happy Easter

my easter eggs decorated by my daughter

Easter basket aldo my daughter Has preapared

 I wish you a happy and healthy Easter from poland. I spend Easter in my summer house.The weather is cold and rainy. 

Sunday 10 April 2022

Easter is coming

 Time flies so fast and Easter is on the corner. It will be totally different one as we live to close to Ukraine 400 kilometres) . Lifestyle is almost the same we go to work as teachers. My daughter studies medicine but each day we afraid what will happen. We definitely live in very interesting time for world but is not positive aspect for us. 

I believe it would be peaceful time but everything can happen as Mr. Putin is unpredicable.


Have a nice week . See you tomorrow.