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Wednesday 30 September 2015

The Opera House in Bytom

30th September 2015

Bytom is famous for its opera house. Opera house started here in 1945 when Bytom came back to Poland. The building was designed by German architect Alekxander Bohm. The opera house was built in 1899-1901.  Firstly there was a city theatre there. The opera  house was renovated lately and looks nice. The building is located to very busy tram stops near city centre.

Our Silesian Opera

In front the statue of Frederic Chopin- famous Polish composer and pianist..

The photos were taken at 1 p.m. - today..

And then a short drive to my home e=which has taken me 12 minutes..

Tuesday 29 September 2015

The oldest tram in Poland - in Bytom

29 September 2015

I was in the city centre today  in the afternoon at 3 p.m and I took a photo of very unique tram 38. It is the oldest tram in Poland. I has worked siince 1913. The line is 1340 metres long and it takes 6 minutes to travel by tram 38. It really nice journey..

Piekarska Street

Sunday 27 September 2015

Coolurs of autumn

28th September 2015

I love autumn especially when the weather is sunny and it doesn't rain... It is the best season for me..
The Sunday sky was interesting>>

Rowan tree looks fantastic.

My suburb - the green part where I walk my dog

Mosta trees have green leabves . But is an early autumn now.

abandoned house..

Autumn flowers..

great yellow tree

Have a nice Monday!!!

Thanks for visiting!!

Homelessness in my city

27th September 2015

Today was Sunday. The weather cools down but despite it was a nice autumn day. It was a typical Sunday as usual cooking dinner, spending time with my family, correcting tests and a lot of paperwork.
I walk my dog the same way every Sunday so I always observe the shelter for homeless men which is situated next to the road in the garden. And at that time I think why those men are homeless .. Probably they lost their work or they are divorced or take drugs or are positive HIV, who knows?. There are so many reasons when you can become homeless.  My city help those homeless men so they can stay in the shelter since 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. and get free supper and breakfast. They also can have a shower and a bed for night. Now there are not too many men there because the weather is friendly but in the winter the shelter is crowded.

There is a shelter behind the fence..

Contemporary world is not fair why in 21st century a lot of people are homeless...

Saturday 26 September 2015

Hens near my summer house

26th September 2015

I love nature and animals very much but living in the big city you can have only a pet. So we have a dog . It is my daughter's dog but we walk him too. But I think I would like to have a small farm like my ancestors had. I know farming is a hard and demanding job but you live close to nature and have possibility to observe animals, trees and flowers. Living in the big conurbation means concrete buildings and only shorts walks in the park.
At my summers place farmer are scare but some people grow hens to have healthy ecological eggs. Great idea. One neighbour who lives about 300 metres from my house has hens and I love admiring them when I walk dog.. They are lovely birds..

The cock is white and noisy in the morning..

Have a nice Sunday!!!

Friday 25 September 2015

Lovely photos from my summer place

25th September 2015

The photos were taken last weekend while I was at my summer house. Saturday was nice but hot.
Collage from my little town.

Town Hall

In the centre of town

 Autumn ..
Local park

 Secondary School

See you tomorrow!!!!