Friday, 5 August 2016

Sicilian food

6th August 2016

When I travel to a foreign country I always eat food which is typical for this region. It is very interesting to try different food from mine.
In Sicily I eat different kind of spaghetti. It was spaghetti with veggies, mushrooms, sea fruit. Sicilian eat this meal almost every day. 

My spaghetti - it tasted delicious.

Sicilians eat their big meal about 2 p.m. when outside the temperature is very high. 
They eat a lot of fruit because the land provides them a lot of fruit all year. Now they eat watermelons and melons, peaches, pears and so on.. Of course the main course includes wine white or red one. Mainly the produce of their own at home. Homemade wine is healthy and fantastic. I have tasted the red and white both were great.

My favourite dessert was granita.

Granita  in Italian also granita siciliana is a semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water and various flavorings. Originally from Sicily, it is available all over Italy in somewhat different forms. It is related to sorbet and Italian ice; however, in most of Sicily, it has a coarser, more crystalline texture. Food writer Jeffrey Steingarten says that "the desired texture seems to vary from city to city" on the island; on the west coast and in Palermo, it is at its chunkiest, and in the east it is nearly as smooth as sorbet.This is largely the result of different freezing techniques: the smoother types are produced in a gelato machine, while the coarser varieties are frozen with only occasional agitation, then scraped or shaved to produce separated crystals. Although its texture varies from coarse to smooth, it is always different from that of ice cream, which is creamier, and from that of sorbet, which is more compact; this makes granita distinct and unique.

Granita brioche.JPG

In the evening they eat small supper.. 

Have a great Saturday!


  1. Your meal and dessert make me hungry! Happy Weekend.

  2. The food sounds very interesting. In Australia my grandparents used to have their main meal at noon which they called dinner and then a small supper in the evening.

    1. Andrew in Poland the main is called dinner but evening meal smaller one is supper. But now it has changed as we work longer the main meal is about 5 or 6 p.m. so it means we don't eat supper

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  4. I enjoy Italian foods but it must taste so much better when you are there and everything is fresh and local!
    Granita would be perfect on hot summer days!

  5. That looks a great way to eat, I would prefer my main meal at lunchtime (I could do the siesta too!) the Granita looks amazing :)
    Have a great week
    Wren x