Tuesday, 27 September 2016

What about moving in countryside?

28th September 2016

I am very busy as an ESL teacher I almost work all long days...but I don't complain.  All my life is city - based but luckily I have a house in the countryside and I love it. So since our family life is has divided between our permanent place where we live in apartment and our temporary place where we have a house. Which is better for living - so both are good. But I have discovered I love gardening mainly flowers and veggies.

 And now I am sure I would like to live in the countryside when I will retire but I must be 67 so it a long to that age..

Local river near my house ... 

All photos I took last August..

What is your opinion ? City or village what is your choice..


  1. I am definitely a country girl! i love the open green spaces!

  2. Country life - thank you but I do live in a city
    As the saying goes - "You can take the boy/girl out of the
    country, but you can't take the country out of the boy/girl".
    The country life style is for me.

  3. beautiful serene pictures of country side...

  4. Definitely the city for me. The river looks very nice and peaceful.

  5. Hello Gosia!:) Very nice photos of where your country house is,... it's a lovely place. I was born and bred in the country, ...I love the country way of life.

  6. It more country than city for me. The place where your house is, is beautiful.

  7. My preference is to live near a city. I don't want to be too far away from all the things a city has to offer.

  8. Village living always looks so charming and inviting to me. We lived in rural Connecticut for 8 years and had lots of land. We loved the gardens and the quiet, but did begin to desperately miss city living. I wish I could have both, but I really prefer having everything at hand and being to walk just about anywhere.