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Saturday, 25 November 2017

What a crazy time

25th November 2017

Last time I was very busy a lot of family problems and so on. Today I am spending weekend at the countryside. Surprisingly November is very friendly because temperature is rather high for this season. In my garden there are a lot of daisies. It is hard to believe that winter is on the corner

It is hard to believe but I love raking leaves. I could do it every day because it is very relaxing activity for me. Maybe when I  retire one day I will become the owner of a big orchard.


  1. I hope winter (when it arrives) is gentle. I do know what you mean about raking leaves - but I am still not a fan.

  2. Sometimes doing simple tasks that don't require much thought can be very good therapy.

  3. It appears that old man winter is going to be a bit late this year. Let's just hope that once he gets here, he doesn't overstay his welcome! :)

  4. My hope is that you have a mild fall and winter. Perhaps when you retire you could charge people to rake their leaves for them. It's nice to get paid for something you love to do!