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Sunday 1 April 2018

Some photos from my Easter break

Our paved driveway

So we are in our summer house. I can say weather is not nice this Easter windy and rainy but we are happy because is Easter break from school and we can escape from our daily routine.

My neighbour's house.

One of my neighbour is preparing for the next winter. I think it is too early.

See you tomorrow. Easter Monday is a bank holiday here.


  1. Very nice. Some people who have wood heaters get their wood early in the summer for the following winter, the wood would be cheaper and more plentiful.

  2. I hope your break was wonderful, despite the weather.

  3. I can see some shadows in your photos, so maybe you had some weak sunshine.

  4. Depending on how bad the last winter was, your friend may not think it is too early at all!

  5. We are also on spring break form one week..

  6. There's nothing like being prepared, I guess. It's nice that you have a place to get away to during the holidays. Here, in Florida, we get inundated with visitors from the colder regions of the country during spring break. :)