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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Goodbye school year

On 22nd we are are finishing a school year It was the worst and the most stressful  in  my teaching career because I had a lot of health problems with my dad. He had survived pneumonia ( 5 times this year) problems with his heart and he also suffer from emphysema. Yesterday he was taken to hospital because of serious problems with his heart. OMG I am very tired.  What furure brings? Life or death which is part of life.  

So I do not have any plans for holidays and what is more my daughter is waiting for her A-level exam results. She is  applying for medicine or pharmacy. We will see how many points she has scored in her A- level exam.

We are going to our summer house if my dad leaves hospital we are going to take him in my summer house An I hope I will return to my daily writing on my blog

Have a great Wednesday.


  1. I am not at all surprised you are tired. Look after yourself. Please.

  2. You and your family are in my prayers, i hope your father gets well enough to come with you, and that you all get some good rest and recreation in your summer house.

  3. Sorry to hear things have been so difficult for you. Enjoy the time away from work, whatever you end up doing.

  4. Gosia, it's a very hard time in all your lives.
    So thinking of you, try to get some sort of rest for we don't want you ill as well.
    Love and best wishes there...

  5. Very sorry to hear your father's condition and I hope he get well soon or discharge from the hospital so that you have some rest at summer house. My wishes to your daughter to score high to chose her desire course.
    Take care

  6. Sounds like you need a good restful summer. Hope your dad gets the care he needs.

  7. So sorry to read about your Dad, sending my thoughts and good wishes to you.

    All the best Jan

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