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Monday, 12 August 2019

Colours of summer

Hello Dear Friends

I am at my summer place and the weather is perfect sunny and hot. We are cycling and relaxing .
I hope you have a great summer too. It is very dry in Poland this year so it is a shortage of water.
Wehave experienced serious storms and tornadoes. Climate has changed for sure.

Photos from the countryside.


  1. Love the photos. We are dangerously dry here too.

  2. I am pleased to hear you are enjoying yourself in such warm weather, but no rain is of concern.

  3. Hope your beautiful area gets some rain soon.

  4. The weather here is hot especially after a few days without rain. Have a great time at your summer place. Beautiful flowers.

  5. Yes, climate become unpredictable! While its flood one side, the other become dry.... Lovely snap there