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Monday, 18 April 2022

Green and yellow colours of the spring

I have spent Easter in  the south -east of the country where my summer house is located. Weather was varied - rainy, sunny and cold. Despite it we had a great Easter.  I love spring it is my favourite season . Especcially I love yellow forsythia which is very common here.    

There are small daisies in my yards

Wild violtes are my favourite spring flowers. 

And beautiful daffodills under my trees.

I hope you had a great Easter , too.



  1. Gosia from Argentina came to greet you and tell you that around here we celebrate Easter by consuming a lot of chocolate, fish and traditional Easter Rosca

  2. I share your love of forsythia. It is not a 'fashionable' plant here but lifts my spirits whenever I see it. And thanks for the reminder. I need to plant another.

  3. Nice to see spring has arrived.

  4. Your spring flowers are quite pretty. Blessed Easter to you!

  5. I always love spring season! So much colours everywhere.