Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Sunny Day in my hometown

10th March 2015

Today it was sunny day so I have spent a great time in the city centre sitting on the bench.

The new building and the old ones....

Agora shopping centre

 The old detached house from 19th century

The renovated one

 The photos were taken on 10th March 2015

 People relaxing on the benches in the sun
 My city is 760 years old.
The busy square..

My hometown is 760 years old...


  1. The old and the new, with lots of advertising.

  2. beautiful city buildings and bright, sunny day to enjoy it.

  3. Nice blend of old and new. Sitting in the sun this time of year is the best. My town is just a little over a hundred years old. - Margy

  4. Old and new have to fit in no matter where. Looks lovely yet not that old.

  5. A mixture of old and new...appreciating the old ones as well as the new ones.

  6. Very interesting assortment of buildings--neat to see the old and new coexisting: it's sad when people tear down the beautiful old ones.