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Saturday 8 April 2017

Last wekend before Easter

8th April 2017

So time goes very quickly and next weekend we have Easter. Since Wednesday we start school break. It lasts only 5 days. We always spend Easter in our temporary house of living in a small town. I hope it is going to be a sunny and nice weather. I am going to cook some delicious dinner, prepare some salad and of course bake a cheesecake. It is our tradition all food will be homemade.

Magnolia tree in front of my school. Photo was taken yesterday

Photos were taken in the morning at 7a.m. while walking my dog..


  1. Really pretty! I might not be back before next weekend, so I would like to wish you a Very Happy Easter :)

  2. Enjoy your Easter break & dinner!

  3. A week off from school! Happy Easter!

  4. Hope you have a beautiful Easter!

  5. Home made is always good. Have a wonderful Easter.

  6. Good on you for making all home made, not every one does do that these days.
    I do like the blooms trees.

  7. Nice tradition for Easter. Lovely trees.

  8. Home-made is good.
    Have a wonderful Easter.

    So lovely to see the blossom on the trees

    All the best Jan

  9. May you have a refreshing break and a wonderful Easter!