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Friday, 5 May 2017

Uniforms are obligatory

5th May 2017

In England students have to wear uniforms. I think it looks elegant. In my country we do not wear uniforms at school. 

Generally they start education 
at 5.

They start school at 8.50. 

All photos I took in London last Tuesday.


  1. Students wear uniforms in India too… nice candid on students

  2. Students here in Louisiana of the US wear uniforms. Not all states require it. Now i wish they didn't start classes until almost 9am! Here the children start at just after 7am, which is way too early.

  3. Uniforms appear to be the norm here in Southern Spain. I think it's a smart thing to do. It helps to equalize the students at least in terms of physical appearance (no designer labels).

  4. Some of our schools require uniforms. Generally the private (fee-paying) ones.

  5. There is a certain elegance about uniforms. It would be hard to do that here for in many places the people fight all such efforts at control.

    Your photos are excellent, Gosia! I hope you had a good time in England.

  6. Great photos of the children in their uniforms Gosia. I wore one when I was at school in England. I never liked them at the time but can see their worth.

  7. Only some private schools here wear uniforms in Hawaii.