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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Sunday in Sicily/ Italy and Upper Silesia/ Poland

11th June 2017 

Today is a very sunny Sunday but I have to mark last tests and flash tests. It is almost the end of school day.  We finish school on 23 rd June. So it means I am very busy but holidays are on the corner.

My Italian friend Concetta from Sicily who I visited last has just finished her school year. Now they have final exam and start holidays, too. In Sicily they go to school on Saturdays because of the hot climate they have 5 lessons every day. They don't AC at school so it would be very hard to teach in high temperature. 

We are are both English Second Language teachers so we have a lot in common. We met in 2013 on our European project Comenius. It was meeting from 5 European countries and we have visited each others twice. So at that time we made friends and our friendship is doing well.
Next year she is going to visit me again at my summer house and I am going to visit her again. too. 

View  from Concetta's apartment which is located very close to sea. At that table I was sitting and drinking coffee last yeat. It was the best time in my life.

All photos were made today in the morning.


  1. What a great way to make a friend and what a great PLACE to have one!

  2. How nice to find good friends through your work. And to have excellent holidays together.

  3. Some schools in Hawaii are also not air conditioned and it's a terrible problem for students and teachers.
    How wonderful that you are both able to visit each other.

  4. It's nice to have friends in different places and then go visit them often.

  5. A nice friend to visit in winter! ;-))

  6. No A/C in a school, oh my that's not good in the year 2017.

  7. You have a beautiful Sunday. Enjoy your holiday with your friend!
    I have been leaning English at a private school since My sons have independent. It is just one of my hobbies but fun.

  8. That’s nice about your friendship and she live at a wonderful place with beach view... lovely photos! The schools were just reopened here after the summer holidays