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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Krupowki the most fashionable street in Zakopane.

26th November 2014
I love walking this Krupowki street it is lovely every day but very popular with tourists.

Traditional mountain homemade cheese

 We  reach Krupówki street - the main pedestrian zone of Zakopane, full of shops and restaurants. 
 This is where the post office, banks as well as exchange offices are situated.

Krupówki street gets particularly crowded in bad and rainy weather, when people search for alternatives to outdoor activities.

There is some snow in Zakopane now but luckily not at my place..

Beautiful souvenirs made by local people. In the season the place gets extremely crowded, and we find it hard to believe that as late as at the very beginnings of the 19th century this street was nothing more than just a narrow bitten path joining central parts of the village with the iron works in Kuźnice (this is where the cable car is today). 


  1. All looks lovely. How things change to what it once was, hopefully for the better.

  2. The town does look lovely and VERY busy.

    1. yes it is and it is minuus aspect of visiting it

  3. quaint and lovely! like the curved street lamps!

  4. It looks like a good place to wander around. Love your night shot in the snow.

  5. Looks like a very neat place to visit! I wonder how the homemade cheese tastes.