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Friday 3 February 2017

Baltic Sea ... is it the right decision

4th February 2017

Personally I like visiting cities located near Baltic Sea especially Tricity.  But water is 21 C or 22 C degrees when the weather is really sunny it is definitely too cold .

We visit Baltic Sea every year but this year we are plannning to go to hotter place in Hungary.

Poland' s Baltic coast is over 500 km in length is awaiting those who enjoy relaxing by the waterside. The great attraction of Baltic coasts lies above all in its beaches full of beautiful amber sand, often stretching for kilometres which could be envy 0of many other countries, including those on Mediterranean.

On the Baltic coast you will find many popular seaside resorts like: Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia, Ustka, Świoujście, Łeba, Mileno, Międzyzdroje and more, located within the Coastal Landscape Park, Białogóra, Dębki, Karwia, Jastrzębia Góra, and Władysławowo. These towns function both as river ports and cultural centres, besides offering facilities for water sports. The beaches on the Baltic coast, set against a background of pine forest. The Baltic seaside resorts also make ideal bases for trips on horseback or by bike, tourists have been coming to the Baltic sea coast all year round. 

All photos I took last year in Gdansk which is located near sea.


  1. In our local sea, in a large bay, the water temperature is about 22 degrees in the summer. That is ok for most people to swim.

  2. The beach look lovely with that sand.

  3. Oh it looks lovely! I love the boats and the beach. The old sailing ship reminds me of the Golden Hind which is in Brixham near where I used to live before I married.

    1. I love the vintage ship and while I was sailing it was a great fun..