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Tuesday 14 February 2017

Watch if you have some free time

14th February 2017



  1. It's so sad, i'm sorry our education system doesn't teach us enough about other countries.

  2. it is sad.. though I never read history of Poland, but I came to know many facts through many historical novels.. It is a very culturally rich country. And I'm very thankful to you Gosia, as every day you tell little things about the country.. always love to ready your blog... XOXO

  3. I'd be surprised if 1/2% know where Poland is.
    The north and south Poles could be a place where they think Poland is.

  4. That was interesting about Poland being flat and easy to invade. I'd not heard that, if it is true. There are a lot of Polish people in the US. I am surprised more is not known about Poland.

  5. Thank you for sharing this video Gosia. I like to improve my knowledge about other countries and blogging is a great way of doing that. Coincidentally we had a gentleman in our home recently who was from Poland. After our business discussion was completed we talked with him for a couple of hours about the history of Poland. We all enjoyed our time together and I hope we can repeat it.