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Sunday 5 February 2017

Winter is endless .. this year..

6th February 2017

My dog loves sleeping and I understand him. He is too lazy in the winter but he prefers winter to summer. He loves playing in the snow. It is my amaryllis and I am very proud of it..

Photos from the mountaims..


  1. I'm so sorry you're having such a difficult time accepting winter this year. I would be the same. But your photos and your amaryllis make it all look so beautiful.

  2. The comment above is spam. They got onto my blog too. I just erased it. In Chicago, we would have another three months. Here in Hawaii, we don't feel it much. Your amaryllis is terrific1

  3. Even in the mountains the snow does look very deep. I think maybe your winter has been fairly mild, so far.

  4. That last photo is very good - like the look of the snow in it.

  5. lovely photos!
    winters make everyone lazy it's not the fault of this cutie pie !

  6. Beautiful snaps! But i feel energetic more in winter than summer, because the high degree of sunshine here make feel exhausted often.