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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Busy steet in my province capital city

4th March 2017

 I was very busy last two days so i didn't post anything. I had a lot of personal and business matters. Now is Saturday and we have a fantastic, sunny weather not typical for March. It is lovely hot outside 18C. I did spring cleaning and I washed all my windows at my apartment.

Yesterday I was in Katowice my province capital city and I took some nice photos which present one of the busiest street in this city.

Monument of Silesian Uprising - each wing represent one Uprising.

Not to easy drive here trams and cars.

All houses came from 19th century they were built by Germans because this part of Poland belonged to Germany. Since 1945 is Poland here.


  1. Really beautiful place!


  2. I always like seeing trams in your photos. To help your readers, maybe in settings you could turn on the lightbox. It would make it so much easier for us to see your photos in a big size.

    1. Andrew thank you for your nice advive. Of course I wll do it soon. Have a great week.