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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Spring is everywhere - outdoor and indoor

5th March 2017

21 st March is the first day of Spring in my climate  zone but I can feel it in the air. Yesterday I was in the shopping centre to buy a new pair of jeans and I took nice photos.

Photos present spring fashion so I love them..

Good Morning from industrial part of my city while I was walking my dog at 7.30 a.m. today

Catkins look lovely

Have a great Sunday. I am cheerful because I have survived one more winter ,...


  1. Oh!! at last spring is coming!!

  2. So glad you're seeing signs of spring! Those fashions are fun; the flowers are beautiful; but I don't understand the bags(?) on the mannequins' heads. That has a very unkind meaning in English.

  3. Love those catkins - which we more commonly call pussy willows.

  4. Pretty spring fashions and lovely buds foretelling warmer weather.


  5. Yes, you have survived another winter Gosia..won't be long by the look of your photos and spring will arrive in full.

  6. cool outfits for spring and nice photos!