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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Crazy days

24th September 2107

Last week was so busy distant cousins from Los Angeles. Karren's grandfather and my were brothers. We have met for the first time. It was a great visit full of joy and laughter but her husband Earle caught a virus  while they were visiting Paris. So when they landed in Cracow it turned oud he is ill with a fever. It was not nice situation in the foreign country.
Later my daughter caught a virus but this weekend me because I have had an earacghe I have to take an antibiotics. Crazy world.

Here in a small wooden church where  Karren's grandfather was baptized. The church is located in the south east of Poland. As a teenager he left Poland and went to USA.

The church was built from pine wooden logs and now it is not in service. It is in on the National Heritage List.

More history tomorrow.


  1. It is terrible when you get really sick when on holidays. The church looks great and so good that it is made from timber.

  2. Being ill on holiday is no fair! Maybe you can meet up again and everyone stay well next time.

  3. I hope you are much, much better. Nice that the church is on the National Heritage List.

  4. A beautiful structure. Such a shame that he was ill while visiting and that there's something now going around the family.

  5. That’s a beautiful wooden church to be preserved! Hope you feeling better

  6. Nice that the church is on the National Heritage List.