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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas tree- wide choice

20th December 2014

Last Wednesday I was in the shopping centre to buy new curtains which I need for living room in my summer house. As usual we spend Christmas at my  summer house. So now we have reached our house. The traffic was very heavy beacause most of us have left Silesian conurbation.
Now we must decorate our Christmas tree and buy and prepare some food for Christmas. There is no snow so we spend two weeks here walking and cycling. I believe it is going to snow in February when we have winter holidays otherwise we atre going spend holidays in Slovakia or Austria.

 As you can see Chrtistmas trees can be in diffferent colours but mine will be traditional red and green. And what about yours..

Have a nice Sunday...


  1. Those Santas and snowman are awesome!!

  2. I like the red ornaments and lights on the green tree in the first photo:). I enjoy other kinds and colors of trees, too, but my favorites are real trees ( green, of course), with lots of colors of glass balls, white lights, and other kinds of beautiful, crafted ornaments ( like ones made of porcelain, or with gilding, or made of glass, but of different shapes). I love glass bird ornaments with feather tails, too, and snowflakes, and crowns :)

  3. It is fun to see the Christmas trees in your store. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.