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Monday 27 April 2015

Ihlara Valley part 2

28th April 2015

Ihlara Valley is an interesting place to visit and thee are some interesting churches there. Some,e of them have survived for centuries so it was nice to visit them..

 Yılanlı Kilise (the Snake Church) is a simple barrel-vaulted church with a low ceiling and long nave. It is named for the frescoe of SaintsTheodore and St George slaying the dragon (or snake as depicted in the frescoe). The church also has a frescoe of Emperor Constantineand his mother Saint Helena depicted holding the True Cross. Legend has it that she discovered the cross upon which Jesus was crucified after seeing it in a dream, and that a piece of the cross is still buried in the foundations of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Other sections of the cross are in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and in St. Peter's in Rome. Another interesting portrait is the one of Saint Onuphrius on the upper wall to the right of the entrance. The saint lived the life of a hermit in the Egyptian desert near Thebes, Egypt and is usually depicted with a long gray beard and wearing only a fig leaf.

It is wonder that paintings have survived for a LONG TIME..

 Walking in the Ihlara Valley was a pleasure..

The donkey animal which doesn't live in Poland..

Local handmade carpets for sale...


  1. i like the rugged fence. those caves are so amazing, and the ancient frescoes, too.

  2. I would not like to see the frescos restored. They will last a long time yet.

  3. Gosia, what an incredibly interesting place with the frescos and all on the walls.

  4. Very interesting rugged countryside with hill and ancient churches and frescos on the walls.

  5. It's a beautiful valley and the frescos are amazing!

    1. Guniila it is a wonder of nature here in Asia