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Monday, 11 July 2016

Drought in Sicily

12th July 2016

 in Italy During my trip I was travelling by bus two hours so it means about 150 km. In Sicily there isn't a motorway. The motorway is going to be in a few years. The landscape was amazing and sometimes so boring. There is no any grass as I have known from my friends the green grass in only in January and February. The rain is only two weeks yearly so the plant had to adapt to so severe weather conditions and they did.

The sky is always blue.

Brown colour and rocks are really common here but luckily palms are green.

A lot of houses are abandoned or the residents use them as summer houses.

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  1. It's a beautiful and interesting place. You've been traveling a lot Gosia!

  2. I would have thought that it would be greener. The world is drying up.

  3. I imagined it looking more desert-like as opposed to simply dry. Wow.

  4. I don't know much about Sicily. In your photos it looks like desert. Not too pleasant for living I would guess.

    1. Cyntia Sicily is really dry similar to desert most of the year.

  5. It sure is dry.
    Sicily has a very interesting history. I think I read somewhere
    in history books from very early times - Carthaginians, Romans etc, that whoever controlled Sicily controlled the Europe and Mediterranean region of that period.
    Thus the taking of Sicily was so paramount in WW2.
    Here last night on SBS TV, there was on Great Continental Railway
    journeys of the World, the train journey from Warsaw to Krakow via
    cities like Lodz and Posen. Absolutely absorbing viewing.
    Now here is something to contemplate: In one City, obviously associated with Chopin, the programme showed a college and senior
    students practicing the Polonaise to be danced pre- "A" series exams.
    Maybe as a teacher you could elaborate on this tradition???

    1. Colin the history of Sicily is really interesting and comlicated. It is a high unemployment here a lot of abandoned houses. And the climate is not friendly here .Shortage of rain.