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Sunday 24 July 2016

The second day of festival in Racalmuto

24th July 2016

The second day of festival Madonna of Montes in Racalmuto was very interesting. Since morning the town was crowded with many stalls which offered a lot of gifts and sweets. Unfortunately a lot of products were bad quality and made in China. So it seems that almost every product which is sold in Europe is made in China the same situation is in Poland.

The main event of festival started in the evening when the temperature was lower but it was about 26C degrees so I can't say it was cold. 

Almost all residents and tourists gathered in the main street of town. A lot of people were on the balcony. I think it was a few thousands of people there. The atmosphere was wonderful.

There were two big vehicles with great constructions..

The most important was a brand new tractor which pulled a big construction. At the top of the this construction were a few young men who fought about the flag with Madonna of Monts from Racalmuto..

Proud Residents of Racalmuto

And the winners who got the
 flag with Madonna...

It was an unforgettable expierence for me... But it was not the end much more photos tomorrow..


  1. 26 Celsius is hardly cold. Good beach weather here in Australia
    for those of us who swim in winter months. It has been for 3 days here in Brisbane in the middle of winter over 26 Celsius in the
    middle of winter.
    The signs on gifts in other countries which you visit and want a
    souvenier and it has MADE IN CHINA on it is disgraceful. I want go into my full views of this trade of merchanise, I am likely to explode.
    Looking forward to your explanation of the graduation Polanaise dancing at college graduations in Poland.

    1. Sorry - typo error with the repeat of "middle of winter".

    2. Coiln 26C degrees is really hot at night during days about 40C degres

  2. I too am wary about buying goods from China and there is no quality control. We have heard of so many negative reports.

    1. Nancy the worst thing is that allmost every product in Rurope is made in China