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Friday, 7 July 2017

Nice visit in a fantastic surrondongs

7th July 2017

So we have left our permanent place of living and we are at my summer house.  We are going to spend 6 weeks outside house. We are going to visit Slovakia, Hungary and Baltic Sea with short break at my cousin on her farm. in the autumn we are going to visit Rome because it is going to be colder there and of course less tourists.
But yesterday before leaving I visited a nice lady. She is 73 years old. She is a retired teacher. She taught Polish literature. I have known her for 4 years. I was her English teacher at U3A.
So look at her garden. It hard to believe but she lives only 8 km from the centre of the big metropolis. In my opinion it is a fantastic place to live there.

My frien at her garden. 

Tomorrow photos from her house.


  1. It's an amazing garden and so large, yet not far from the city.

    1. yes the location is perfect this propert is very expensive . Sha has inherrited it from her parents

  2. It is a truly beautiful garden. A haven for the soul.

  3. She has cultivated a lovely oasis!

  4. Absolutely she lives in a beautiful environment of peace and nature… loves her garden and pretty flowers. Wonderful plan for summer and autumn and I hope you enjoy the visits.