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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Tower Piast in Cieszyn

4th July 2017

The Piast Tower - which I visited last Sunday in Cieszyn. I like it very much.

It is one of the oldest architectural treasures of Cieszyn Silesia, the remains of the medieval Gothic Piast castle. The stone tower was the place of final refuge in the event of the castle being seized.

It could fulfil the function of watchtower, prison and living quarters. It is almost 29 metres tall, and after climbing its 121 steps you emerge onto a viewing terrace from which you can see a panorama of Cieszyn and Český Těšín and even mountain peaks. In the years 1976-1989 the tower underwent restoration. The crenellations were restored, the corner coats of arms were reconstructed and the observation terrace was built. Today it is an essential part of any sightseeing tour around Cieszyn.


  1. Wow. I would love to see that. Not so sure about all those steps though.

  2. Incredible place and so much history!

  3. It now needs to be adapted the 21st century by the addition of a lift so I can get to the top.

  4. Thinking about those towers built as a hideout of last resort always brings to mind how difficult life could be then.

  5. I wondered how many steps it takes to reach to the top? Have a wonderful day!