Sunday, 13 August 2017

The huge house

13th August 2017

This huge mansion is located near my summer house. Every day I admire it. As I know a young couple with 2 children live there. It looks impressie but I think maintaining it especially in the winter is not easy and cheap one..

Would like to live that house. 
In my opinion is too big for me and expensive one.


  1. It is not very old, I think. It would cost a lot for heating.

  2. It is a lovely house and you took it at a very pretty time of the day. I liked the reflection of the sun in the top window, or is it their electric light? Whatever it is, a very nice effect. I have a hard time keeping our house clean, I wouldn't want anything larger unless I was rich enough to hire someone to help me clean, and that is for my next lifetime. It is certainly not going to happen in this one :)

  3. That is a LOT of house for four people. Heating wouldn't come cheap - and cleaning would take up a lot of time too.

    1. T hink they are rich enough to heat it

  4. My ideal would be a tiny house, i'd like to have one on wheels that i could pull behind a car and travel and take my home with me.

  5. As I grow older, I much prefer a smaller house to take care. Have a beautiful new week!

  6. It looks beautiful. When I was young, we went on a mansion tour in Newport, Rhode Island. (They called them "cottages"!!!) In the first home, 75+ rooms, my mother said, "Oh, it's just too much to dust!"

  7. Indeed looks beautiful and admirable! For me this could be a best retreat or vacation home…