Monday, 12 January 2015

Let's say January weather

12th January 2014

Today the weather is nice so it means the hurricane is gone. We have survived safely. The weather is windy but friendly it is 5 C degrees and January is the coldest month here. As I was a child winters were very severe but now definitely climate has changed we don't experienced severe winters here. It is typically autumn weather which I prefer to freezing one. I come back to my daily routine walkin g my dog after school. This time around my suburb and I hope it is going to bew imteresting. Currentlly I am very busy at my work - it is the end of the first term in school and I am preaprimg another intermational project with my students in Barnsley in Great Britain.

My typical walk with my dog at the weekends..

Have a nice Tuesday....


  1. glad the weather has settled down!

  2. It's good you have been able to go for a walk again. The children are on their summer holidsy down here.

    1. At my place we are waiting for winter holidays

  3. Lots of things for your dog to sniff along the walk!

  4. So happy your are safe. Enjoyed your walk. I need to get back at it! Been a bit chilly.