Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Power Plant Szombierki (Bytom, Poland)

14th January 2014

It is an amazing power plant and in the past it was very important to my city. I can see its chimneys from my balcony. Walking my dog at the weekends I can admire this big but abandoned building.
What a pity it should be preserved for next generations. It is my personal opinion.

 Power Plant in Bytom . Photosa were taken on 11th January 2015

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  1. it is a rather neat looking building.

  2. It is a very fine industrial building and should be preserved and another use found for it.

  3. It does look like a very neat old building!

  4. At some point it may have served it's purpose, making way for new ways to generate electricity.

  5. It looks like a rather desolate place right now. I guess it's because it's winter.

  6. Now they are looking for a new owner