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Wednesday 1 April 2015

Easter Break

1st April 2015

Today it was last day at school. Schools in European Union start Easter break. It depends on the country but it lasts about 5 days. It is the last break before summer holidays. We finish school on the last Friday in June. In Poland we have two days for Easter when all shops and companies don't work. Sunday Easter and Easter Monday are public holidays but Good Friday is a working day and Saturday too.

 Greetings from Bytom
Shopping mall in Katowice so I did my Easter shopping . And what bout you?


  1. Schools began holiday here for maybe two weeks earlier in the week. Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays for us but only Good Friday is taken seriously with most businesses closed. Shops like supermarkets are only closed for 2 and 1/2 days a year, and people go into a panic because the shops are shut.

    1. Andrew, in Upper Silesia the older generation took part in church services but young generation is different. My generation go to shopping malls and for picnics too, It is a fashion from Westerrn Europe. Time has changed

  2. Andrew has said it well..
    Happy Easter..

  3. Happy holidays and enjoy your Easter weekend.

  4. Nice views - my Easter shopping is done!