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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Geological reserve "Przadki"

2nd July 2016

Last weekend I spent in the South- East of Poland where I visited the geological reserve "Przadki". It is a masterpiece of nature. The rocks are amazing . So see my photos which I took there.

Tomorrow more photos with the legend included. 

Podkarpackie Voivodeship belongs to one of the most attractive touristic regions of Poland, what is proved by the researches led in 2007 by Polish Tourism Development Agency S.A (it takes the second place after pomorskie voivodeship). Unique and valuable nature regions deserve special attention. Among protected areas there are 94 nature reserves. Special attention deserves geological reserve ‘Przadki’, which is the most often visited by tourists in podkarpackie voivodeship. The reserve is 13,63 ha in area and it was created in 1957 through a directive issued by Ministry of Forestry and Timber Industry. The aim of its creation was: “preservation, for scientific and scenic reasons, of the group of sandstone rocks marked by characteristic forms created by wind erosion”. The area of the reserve is situated in district Korczyna, on the border of Czarnorzeki village and Korczyna, by the road Krosno- Rzeszów. It is in the Dynowskie Foothills on the eastern part of the ridge being a watershed for Marcinek and Black streams. The highest point in the reserve reaches 520 m above sea level. The reserve is situated in the area of Czarnorzecko Strzyżowski Landscape Park and it is its one of the most significant attractions, the group of unique rocky inselbergs altogether with the nearby forest belong to them. (from Wiki)



  1. Must be a fascinating area, Gosia!

  2. Magnifica e bela esta reserva, gostei de ver as fotografias.
    Um abraço e bom fim de semana.

  3. Interesting rock formations.

  4. Wow. Beautiful photos. I feel like I've been to Poland.

  5. Interesting. There place called Myrtle Creek my husband and I live to visit, and there a rock covered with moss and one can see a face.
    Came in from Andrew and high riser.
    If you fine the time stop in for a cup of coffee