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Saturday 3 December 2016

I am in a bad mood

3rd December 2016

Christmas is coming but I am waiting for the net and it is going to be on Monday... Really fascinating but weekend is weekend for my provider..

Have a great weekend..


  1. A life sized Santa or a very small chair.

  2. The last photo with the star on top looks good.
    Always nice to see Santa.

  3. How frustrating it must be to wait so long for internet. So glad you've at least got your phone to stay connected. By the way, I love those Santas!

  4. Hello, pretty Christmas decorations! I hope you have a happy Sunday!

  5. Nice to see your Christmas decorations. The Santa in the armchair looks like he is very tired. Must be from making all those toys and reading all those Christmas lists!

  6. Christmas can be very special. I like Santa sitting in the chair. I'm sure he gets tired every so often.