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Saturday 10 December 2016

One Europe - two seasons..

10th December 2016

So I think I feel better but I must take anti allergic pills and an antibiotics. I am dreaming about blogging and meeting my on line friends. I think on Monday I am coming back to school and to you Dear friends..

My city at 7 a.m. last Thursday..

My friend's garden in Italy/ Sicily - last Thursday. 
Distance between Upper Silesia and Sicily is 2800 km. 
I prefer Sicilian winter..


  1. It's a lovely Christmas decoration.

  2. I agree with Andrew. That is one of the best Christmas decorations I have seen in a public area.
    Glad you are feeling a bit better.

  3. It's really beautiful.. two totally different season in one continent.. hopefully you are feeling good now..

  4. Hi from Idaho. Stop in from Andrew. Those orange sure looks good.
    If you have the time stop in for a cup of coffee

  5. Sorry to hear you were unwell but hopefully you are now on the mend. That is a beautiful decoration.

  6. Beautiful Christmas light bulb there Gosia.
    Hope you are feeling better.
    Gosh, that distance isn't as far as we travelled to get to where we want to be last winter....amazing.

  7. I like the Christmas decoration in your city! Hope you are feeling better. Keep warm and take care!

  8. Oh, I prefer Sicilian winter, too. But I DO want that giant Christmas ball for our terrace!

  9. Sorry you're not well, but hope you recover soon. Nice Xmas ball. A Sicilian winter would be very much like our winter...and I'm very happy here, especially at this time of year when it's cool at night and warm during the day.

  10. Well so much warmer in Sicily, but your city Christmas decoration looks good!

    Hope you feel back to 100% health soon!

    All the best Jan

  11. Glad you are recovering. I love the glowing ball!