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Sunday 25 December 2016

So this Christmas

25th December 2016

I don't remember so White Chtistmas I think it is the first since 2005 when it was a severe winter. We are in a small towm near mountains where we have our house. All looks great and magic. When I was walking my dog in the morning it was windy and cold.

In the town center Nativity was installed. 

8.30 a.m Christmas morning..

Baby Jesus is coverd with snow..

Winter storm

Enjoy the photos I come back to my Christmas dinner and have a great time with my family..


  1. Freshly fallen snow is very pretty. Your various sculptures are very interesting. Wishing you a wonderful holiday with your family!

    1. They 3 kings who bring gifts for Baby Jesus and one shepard. In the foreground Mary and Joseph next to baby Jesus

  2. The snow photos are very pretty. A cold morning to be out walking your dog! Merry Christmas.

  3. Merry Christmas to you and family! It must be very cold out there!

  4. Replies
    1. I hate snow but it White Christmas so it positive aspect

  5. Wow.
    A Christmas like the ones we see on cards.
    I hope your day (and year) is wonderful.

  6. How lovely to have a white Christmas. Too warm for snow here. Sun is shining brightly. We had a walk around the lake. Now we are off to youngest sister's home for dinner. Merry Christmas

  7. It looks wonderful. How nice to have a white Christmas.

  8. Those carvings are brilliant and so unusual. Seems a bit disrespectful to leave the Baby Jesus covered in snow, but then that was never a problem in Bethlehem!