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Tuesday 6 December 2016

Final Farewell

7th December 2016

Tomorrow at 12 a.m. we are going to say goodbye my best friend. I was very busy last two days. Luckily Alice my friend's daughter will be adopted by his cousin with family. So I am very happy. Now we are only waiting for the courthouse decision which will be in January but I believe she will stays in this family. My fingers crossed.
Alice's life will be completely different all her life was city based but now she will live in the village in a big house. She has to change a school and leave her friends... but I believe she easily adjust to a new situation.

Roman Catholic Church - tomorrow a funeral of my friend's will be here.. Graveyard is next to the church.

You are with me everyday,
I feel you with every breath,
Your thought is with me,
With every decision I make.

You have been with me until now,
And it is hard to face,
That you are finally gone,
And I will never see you again.

Your hands, your touch, your smile,
Are things I will never forget,
All the love you shared with me,
And all the tears and pain you made go away.

In our short time together,
All the memories we had,
Will last in my heart,
Those memories I will never forget.

Although you have left,
Now you walk above,
You are always with me,
I'm always surrounded by your love.

Now you don't have to worry,
For your love will be passed on,
Cause even though you left me,
You are Always in my Heart.

Thanks for 20 years friendship's.


  1. Good to know that all seems to have turned out well for young Alice.
    I am sure she will make a lot of new friends.
    I think adapting to country life will be just so easy, it is fr better, I believe, than living in a city. Just think of all that lovely unpolluted fresh air.

  2. I am so glad that Alice will have a new home.
    My heart goes out to her and to you at this sad time.

  3. Beautiful words in that poem Gosia.
    It's pleasing to read the adopted daughter will be looked after..

  4. Sad news. You and Alice have my sympathy.

  5. My heart remains with you ... and Alice.

  6. Glad to hear someone stepped up to adopt Alice within the same family.

  7. So very sad, and my heart goes out to Alice for all the losses in her young life. And I'm so sorry, Gosia, for the loss of your friend.

  8. How terribly sad for young Alice. So much sadness in her young life. I hope she adjusts and is happy. It's five years since I lost my best friend but I constantly see little things that remind me of her and bring me a smile - and sometimes a tear.

  9. Beautiful poem. Best wishes.