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Monday, 16 January 2017

Palm trees

16th January 2017

We are in the middle of winter but I am dreaming about summer in hot countries. And favourite memory of summer are palm trees which I saw in Spain and Italy. They are my favourite trees.

These trees are fantastic for me and I have missed so much.

All photos were taken in Sicily/ Italy - last July.


  1. beautiful pictures.. here in Southern California is full of this kind of trees..

  2. I'm with you. We are in the middle of winter here too and I'm ready for spring and the nicer weather.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  3. Palm trees are, in general, great trees, usually because the signify a warm climate. But there are many different kinds and some are a huge pain in the behind. We had three tall pines by our swimming pool and they have to be trimmed several times a year at a $100 per tree! Then in past years, some palms in south Florida got a yellow disease which killed them. It is interesting to note that palms are not indigenous to Florida but they (or their seeds) were brought to this area by voyagers from other areas. If you visited my city, you would find a great many palm trees.

    1. Loweel thanks for interesting information.. One day I will visit Florida for sure

  4. Here in a hot summer I am dreaming of winter. And so very grateful for the photos from your side of the world.

  5. Those are beautiful! We have such trees here, too, in south Louisiana, and even more of them in Florida.

  6. We have lots of palm trees here. We are hoping for cooler weather now.

  7. nice photos- have a lovely day!