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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Winter break

14 Th January 2017

It was very busy last week because it was the end of term in my school ( parents' meetings and teachers' meetings). On Monday we are starting two weeks winter break and we are going to the mountains for one week. We are going to ski. I hope it will be a good time and I am going to walk with my dog for long distances , As I know it is a severe snowy winter there.

Nativity scene,,,

Winter decorations in Katowice. All photos I took yesterday..

Have a great Sunday ...


  1. I love those sheep and reindeer!

  2. Enjoy your break - and happy skiing.

  3. Enjoy your break. Does that mean there is NOGppd Fences this week? Not that I have been able to link in yet but I have not given up hope.

    1. There will be a fence from mountains fences are going to be every week

  4. Very nice nativity scene. Enjoy your break and happy skiing!

  5. Weren't you just at your summer house at Christmas. I think it must be pretty there with lots of snow.

  6. Some very festive decorations. Hope you have a great break skiing in the mountains. Just don't break a leg! :)

  7. The materials for the nativity scene are very interesting and unusual. I really like it.
    I hope you enjoy your two weeks of winter vacation. All teachers need a break like that in the middle of the school year!

  8. Gosia, I love the nativity scene...beautiful...just beautiful!...:)JP