Sunday, 1 February 2015

70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz

1st February 2015

Today my post is sad and I can say terrible. Auschwitz it is the worst place on our planet where million people from Europe lost their lives. As a Pole I was twice there ( I took my daughter too,) and I think it is enough in my life. It is worth visiting this place because you can understand how important is peace and tolerance.. This place makes me depressed......

 The last way --- to death....

 All photos were taken by me and my daughter in Auschwitz during our visit there in July 2013.

 Tons of shoes their owners lost lives here.......
 Brushes and .......
Prisoner of the camp in her uniform...

 July 2013 - Auschwitz..
Gallows in Auschwitz I where Rudolf Höss was executed on April 16, 1947

The commandant lived in the camp with his family during WWII..

LocationAuschwitzNazi Germany
Operated bythe Nazi Schutzstaffel (SS), theSoviet NKVD (after World War II)
Original useArmy barracks
OperationalMay 1940 – January 1945
Inmatesmainly Jews, Poles, Romani, Soviet soldiers
Killed1.1 million (estimated)
Liberated bySoviet Union, January 27, 1945
Notable inmatesAnne FrankOtto FrankViktor FranklMaximilian Kolbe,Primo LeviWitold Pilecki,Edith SteinSimone Veil,Rudolf VrbaElie Wiesel
Notable booksIf This Is a ManNightMan's Search for Meaning
WebsiteAuschwitz-Birkenau State Museum
Official name: Auschwitz Birkenau, German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp (1940–1945)

The last train station for millions...... RIP .

Never again....

Nearby Auschwitz there is a Church which commemorates all people who lost their lives there..

 Maksymilian Kolbe who gave his life for Franciszek Gajowniczek another prisoner of the camp. The monument is located if front of the church...
Sculpture inside the church...


  1. It is a good post about a horrible place. My partner would never go to such a place, so I guess I will never see Auschwitz and I am not sure that I want to anyway.

    1. Andrew, I understand it is a horrible place if you are so sensitive. Sometimes it is better to see only photos. Unfortunately it happened in the civilized Europe by Nazis. Poles usually visit it because it is a part of our contemporary history. Here where I live was Germany for over 3 centuries so it important to rembember that history. I know new generstion in Germany is innocent but they must know the truth and pass next generations..

  2. And to think that people deny the holocaust. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. I don't know if I could visit even once. I think it would feel like tearing my heart right out of my chest. If you can share, I would love to know how your daughter reacted. I still remember the first time I saw a newsreel of what was found after the liberation. I was perhaps 11 years old. My sister and I were home alone watching TV and stared open-mouthed. We got up and went in separate directions -- both to cry.

    1. Mitchell, you are right. My daugher was twice ( when she was 11 and 14) and she is very sensitive girl. After visit she had asked me many times why it happened and I didn't find out the right answer. The situation is much more complicated because we live in the region which belonged to Germany now is Poland because borders changed WWII. And Kate loves German language she prefers it to English. And Germany is a perfect country for her and I understand her but she must know about the past... I believe I don't want to go anytime there... Enough ... Polish students obligatory visit once during their education..

  4. the horrors of this still-too-recent history need to be remembered for generations.

  5. My brother visited the place and when I saw his pictures, I felt terrible. I thought that I will not have the courage and strenght to see place in real life. However I would like to.

    Seeing your post and these pictures again gave me goosebumps, teary eyed and painful heart. I guess I still haven't got that courage I need if I go see the place.

    This is very depressing. It's a good Sunday post though.

    RIP to all those souls. I hope our world will not go through the same horrible part of history ever again.

    1. Mari, it is a place each person should visiot once and I hope the world will be better.... Never again..

  6. I have no desire to go to such a sad place where so many people were killed including cousins of mine who were not jewish. My grandfather's brother, because he was a Catholic Priest, was taken from Lodz to the first camp in Germany and tortured and killed there at Dachau.

  7. ...oh MY...

    It doesn't seem right that the grass is green and the sun is shining.

    1. But the world exists..... but we must to remember..

  8. Such a tragic part of our history. It's hard to imagine what it was like to be murdered so cruelly and treated so inhumanely.

    1. It is the worst part of human history..

  9. I still remember when I first heard about the camps. It is sickening, what man is capable of. Unfortunately, we need to remember - partly of course to commemorate those millions of people whose only crime was that they din't fit into a perverted ideology, and partly to be used as a lesson of insanity that should never be repeated. It was very brave to post on such a moving subject; thank you.

    1. My dear frien truth is always painful but we must know what happened here and pass next generations