Sunday, 22 February 2015

My ancestors visited this church very often....

23rd February 2015

My ancestors' life was strictly connected with Carpathian Region. They had lived there before the WWI since 15th or 16Th century. So it is a very very long time. Only some trees could survive that long period. Some of them did.
Firstly the church in Szebnie was a place where my ancestors celebrated the most important events of their lives. As I know my ancestors didn't live so long . Why? The answer is easy. The medicine wasn't developed so well and there wan no antibiotics..

Szebnie is a village located 10 km from Jaslo in Carpathian Region . The first churcg was built in 1606. And what it is interesting it has survived the WWI , WWII and communism.. And it is still exists but a few years ago the new one was built.

 It is a lovely wooden church..

 Photo from 2013
 It was renovated in1795.. And later it was painted in 1950...
 Photo from 2005

Interior of the church..


  1. very neat! i hope you link in to with this!

  2. wow, what a place! I love the painted wood interior. It is so different from the French stone churches I'm used to loving :) And, it's so exciting to know that your ancestors used this church. How far back, Margaret?

  3. I have had family tree since 16th century to WWI .. This church it is a masterpiece. The interior is breathtaking. Believe me..

  4. Love this wooden church. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  5. First time I have seen a church with a flat roof inside.

  6. Nice wooden church, no doubt the ceiling keeps it warm

  7. i love to hear you family does or did travel to this very same church. that is super great. a way to feel connected to them always. ( :

    1. Yes it was a special place for my family for cewnturie but not now anymore. We have scatttered around Poland and Europe

  8. That is a very old wooden church!

  9. It is a beautiful old church. Thanks for the history, too.