Sunday, 22 February 2015

Oh No... It's Monday!!

23rd February 2015

I hate Mondays. Why? Because it is the first day of the weekday.

 So it is difficult to get up early after lazy weekend. What about you?

Have a great Monday!!! And remember it is only 5 days to weekend...


  1. Mondays are usually more of a down day for me, so I like Mondays. Usually no appointments, no obligations.

    1. Wow in Europe we retire at 67 so it is a long way ahead of me..

  2. I have always loved Garfield. And when I was still working, I always loved an occasional Monday off!

  3. Good way to look at it! I think Fridays have to be pretty much my favorite day of the week--it's great to be able to anticipate the weekend!