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Sunday 3 May 2015

National May holidays at my summer house

3rd May 2015

We spent two days Friday and Saturday at my summer house at my summer house. The weather was nice . The first day was sunny and hot but the another one was rainy in the morning later it was sunny. I have started my cycling training again. And we did some works in the garden..

 My neighbourhood

My poor flower... It is drought ...

My quince

The  view from my kitchen..

Cycling in the countryside.

The flowers in the centre of my town..

Local library where I usually borrow books or e-books.

My dog coming back to home tired and hungry..'

Tomorrow coming back to my Turkey trip..


  1. It looks colourfully like Spring. It is hard to maintain garden in drought. It looks a nice neighbourhood and good for riding an walking. Cute doggie.

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  3. A nice collection of photos. We call that shrub flowering quince or japonica.

  4. You have a lovely neighbourhood and your garden space is big. A beautiful countryside for cycling too.

  5. We are just starting to get flowers out here!

  6. it is beautiful! so nice to have that escape for a few days.

  7. Your tulip looks a lovely colour. Nice to see the green grass with the leaves coming out on the trees.