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Sunday 24 May 2015

Invasion of snails in my garden

25th May 2015

The summer is coming at my summer place and another problem has appeared. I have an invasion of brown snails in my garden. They are damaging my flowers and on my apple trees. It is horror. They are everywhere and after cutting the grass my grass was not green but brown...

So I have to start the war with them in June..

My rose.

My success ... for the first time in my life..

Have a nice Monday


  1. lovely blooms on your cactus. we've had lots of snails this year, too. must be all the rain.

  2. Snails are nasty in the garden!

  3. The cactus is beautiful.
    I hate snails!

  4. Must be the weather has made them breed up. Get busy and get rid of them.

  5. Your cactus is flowering, I am feeling excited for you. I want to plant cactus too!

  6. Wow! Congratulations on the cactus flowers. Not easy to accomplish indoors. Snails. Disgusting! Good luck!