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Wednesday 6 May 2015

Traditional Turkish shop in Cappadocia

6th May 2015

One day we visited traditional Turkish shop with sweets and tea. Tea is a national drink in Turkey is much popular here than Turkish coffee. 

Turkish delights so delicious but too sweet

Turkish cakes

Wide choice of tea. I have bought myself 2 bags of tea is fantastic. 

In opinuon coffee is better in Europe..

Lovely land Cappadocia it is seems it is not real landscape but from another planet


  1. The landscape does look like it is on another planet. I like the way the food is kept in open containers. The shop must smell nice.

  2. i can imagine the wonderful smells in that tea shop!

  3. Lovely pictures of food sold in shop and also the tea and Turkish delights.

  4. Good tea is nice to find!