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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Wroclaw is a nice city ...

15th June 2016

My daughter was on a school trip last Monday and Tuesday. She was in Wroclaw. It is a city about 200km from our place Personally I was there twice and I found it as a great city to visit. I must admit it is a very similar city to ours. Both cities for centuries belonged to Germany. So architecture is similar and layout of the streets.

In the background Odra river

Market Square 

Zoo - photos from this place tomorrow..

Wrocław ( in German Breslau) is the largest city in western Poland. It is on the River Oder in the Silesian Lowlands of Central Europe, roughly 350 kilometres (220 mi) from theBaltic Sea to the north and 40 kilometres (25 mi) from the Sudeten Mountains to the south. Wrocław is the historical capital ofSilesia and Lower Silesia. Today, it is the capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. At various times in history, it has been part of the Kingdom of PolandBohemiaHungary, the Austrian EmpirePrussia, and Germany. It became part of Poland in 1945, as a result of the border changes after the Second World War. The population of Wrocław in 2015 was 635 759,making it the fourth-largest city in Poland.
Wrocław classified as a global city by GaWC, with the ranking of high sufficiency and living standard. It was among 230 cities in the world in the ranking of the consulting company Mercer - "Best City to Live" in 2015 and the only Polish city in this ranking has been recognized as a city growing at the business center.
In 2016, the city is a European Capital of Culture and the World Book Capital. Also, Wrocław will host the Theatre OlympicsWorld Bridge Games and the European Film Awards in 2016, IFLA Annual Conference and World Games in 2017. ( from Wiki)


  1. The city does look very German. Like all great European cities it has a central square.

  2. Very grand looking and the events make it sound like it would be a very interesting place to visit!

  3. ooks like a nice market place.