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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Zoo in Wroclaw

16th June 2016

Personally I have been in many zoos in Poland and Germany but I think animals should live in their own environment. But I know the educational purpose is very important so in that way a lot of wild animals spend their whole life in the small cage or space. Definitely is not fair. In my country there are several zoos but in Wroclaw is one of the biggest. My daughter was visiting it last week and took some interesting photos.

Enjoy the animals!!


  1. Appears to be a zoo with plenty of space for the
    animals to wander around in. Certainly is well maintained,
    so that is a BIG PLUS.
    The last photo looks like a kangaroo lying on the ground??
    In central NSW there is an open plains zoo at Dubbo which is very popular for the locals and the thousands of tourists who visit the
    inland city. Brings plenty of money into Dubbo, which is good
    for the council and the local businesses. You ride around the zoo in buses to view the animals in habitats as close to possible as in the wild.

  2. i like the efforts being made to provide more natural surroundings for the zoo animals. thanks for sharing, gosia.

  3. This zoo seems to take very good care of the animals. I enjoyed your daughters photos very much.

  4. I love good zoos and wild animal parks that exist to educate visitors, and to rescue animals and ensure their survival in the wild. We have a surprisingly good world-class zoo (Bioparc) right here in town that makes me happy every time I visit.