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Wednesday 17 June 2015

London - red phone boxes

18th June 2015

 London is famous for red phone boxes but currently in the 21st century people use their mobile phones. So  now red boxes are only famous landmark of London because nobody use them to call but only to take a photo..

Have a nice Thursday!!


  1. Hello! I love this photo. Just yesterday I visited a tea store. They had a tin in the shape of the red phone booth filled with loose leaf tea!

  2. Sometimes they are are used as a free library and sometimes as a place to charge your phone.

    1. Yes you are right but most of them are dirty inside

  3. Over here this red box is a thing of the past. Mobile phones are the in thing.

  4. Pretty much useless now with all the technology, but love the red!

  5. love them! i've seen a few bloggers post about finding them in someone's garden as an adornment.

  6. Neat to see! Phone booths are hard to find these days! There's still one (not red) in the Ackley park downtown, but it's not in working order--I don't know if it even has a phone in it anymore.